About Me

Hi, I am Ross William!

Man, Exercise, Fitness, Gym, Dumbbells

I was born in Texas, USA, before moving to Florida. Initially, I was unsure of what he wanted to do in life, but then I discovered the gym.

It wasn’t long before I was working out regularly, as he was inspired by other people getting into great shape and determined to have a physique that I could be proud of. 

Now I am running a very successful persona training business. I created Personaltrainersuccess.net to help personal trainers to find more work.

When I started promoting my services, I did not really what to do so I started reading several marketing blogs and apply any useful advice, hoping to attract more customers.

Unfortunately, there were many articles written by non-experts and very few articles written about how to start and grow a successful personal training business.

In my web site you will find practical advice to start and grow your business. I hope you enjoy it!


William Ross